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Duct Cleaning
Domain For Sale
DuctCleanout.com      DuctCleanouts.com
Serious Interest - eMail Me
I do special deals if you get more than one...
eMail me at DomainBELL@Yahoo.com
Availability Subject to Change Without Further Notification

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When I Secure a Domain Name -- it's with Plans to Develop It Out. . .
I Generally have Multiple Projects in the Works...
I can't get to everything as soon as I'd like to...
So From Time to Time You Will See a Handful
of Super Domains For Sale -- Over on DomainBELL.com    Specifically HERE

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::: TERMS :::

Prices and Availability
Subject to Change
Without Further Notification. . .

Prices are in USD

I use Escrow.com

Example: = $2,500.usd

I pay 50% of the Escrow.com
Closing Fee - Up to $150.usd
You are responsible for the remainder.

I push to GoDaddy.com
GoDaddy Accounts are Free

Closing and disbursement of funds
Required Within 14 Calendar Days
of Agreement.

Lease Agreements Possible As Well.
$50.usd Non-Refundable
Non-Appliable Fee to Discuss Terms.
No Guarantee that Lease Will Be Granted.
Not doing any Lease-to-Purchase At This Time.

if you see a name you like
you can directly eMail me for further info...
DomainBELL @ Yahoo.com

or directly eMail me for further info..

Domains Available * eMail Me

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