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    Hey You — Smile — I need to change the URL to my RSS Feed for DropGrabs.com

    May 30th, 2017 by DropGrabs - Webmaster

    Attention RSS Guy…

    I need to change the URL for my RSS Feed for DropGrabs.com
    it WAS:


    There are several updates over there you all missed this past week…

    Thanks for Updating…

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    Big Changes at DropGrabs.com
    Requests Recieved
    and New Feature Added
    You’ll Love The Change….

    September 14th, 2014 by DropGrabs - Webmaster

    On the Run

    By Request

    Many of you are On the Run…

    Using Mobile Devices

    and Needing Faster Site Content

    with a need for less graphic images

    and less images and image adverts

    I have created an alternate version of this site

    a page with only about 10% of the domains per post (the cream)

    ones I consider to be the best of the batch

    this new page has ZERO graphics and ZERO image adverts

    You Should load SUPER Fast Now…

    page located HERE

    Each page shows the same info

    — duplicates depending on —

    what your brain retains as the URL : )






    Sometimes I update more than once a day…

    There have also been days with THREE Updates…

    I’m glad you enjoy the site…

    I’m glad you can make use of

    and benefit from the info I SHARE…

    Domain For Sale

    — Add me on:




    – DomainBELL.com / DropGrabs.com



    A Special Thank You From Me To You…

    To those of you that have been appreciative

    by sending a small thank you

    via PayPalof $1.00 +

    Thank You – that feels nice to be appreciated…

    I do like sharing my WORK product with YOU…

    I hope that you are able to benefit from the info…


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