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Here’s 1007 FRESH Triple Filtered DROPS… Showing as Available prior to posting… These can be registered at your favorite Registrar for just reg. fee…. ClearHeart.us ClientProjects.us Twines.us AWorshipExperience.org DrinkLOCAL.org iGolfSCORE.org MrMowItALL.org UniversalWebClub.org 1800CampKID.com 1800PALM.com 1820Jewelry.com 1877PhoneSEX.com 1888MoneyBACK.com 18plusFORUMS.com 18thCenturyTABLES.com 1955sunset.com 1976corvvettes.com 1997merlot.com 21WaysToStopGAMBLING.com 2203ThirdStreet.com 69wisemen.com AardvarkServiceGROUP.com AbandonedAmusementPark.com AccurateDEMO.com AccuroSYSTEMS.com AceCorporateENTERTAINMENT.com AceGuitarCASE.com ActressGURU.com ActualCapital.com ActualTHINK.com AcuteTHINKING.com
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Here’s some Discovery Domains… These are all showing as Available for Reg. Fee… These were garnered through random text searches (for the most part) I send these out to my DropGrabs.com Newsletter Membership (Free) and then after they have had at least 12 hours + to review the Newsletter — then I post what’s still
Continue reading: Discoveries – Words… Generics… and SHORT Domains… Available For Reg. Fee…

Here are some DISCOVERIES for you… They are showing as AVAILABLE… You can register whatever you want from the list – wherever you want… Have fun… Things I LOVE these are AVAILABLE: ThingsLIKE.info ThingsLIKE.us ThingsLIKE.tv ThingsLIKE.mobi THINGSiLOVE.info THINGSiLOVE.us THINGSiLOVE.tv THINGSiLOVE.mobi ————————————————- Acheived.net (typo) Acheived.org (typo) Acheived.info (typo) Acheived.biz (typo) Acheived.us (typo) Acheived.tv (typo) Acheived.mobi (typo)
Continue reading: Discoveries – AVAILABLE – ZenLIKE.org THINGSiLOVE.tv RelaxingSOUND.net iFiF.tv and more…

These are Discoveries – NOT Drops… I just reran them Wednesday 10-1–08 1127pm EST — and they are showing as available… Have fun… I’ll be posting them publically on Monday on DropGrabs.com BeCondoned.com BeCondoned.net BeCondoned.org BeCondoned.info BeCondoned.biz BeCondoned.us BeCondoned.tv BeCondoned.mobi Certainly.tv Co-Ordinator.tv CompanyRepresentatives.net CompanyRepresentatives.org CompanyRepresentatives.info CompanyRepresentatives.biz CompanyRepresentatives.us CompanyRepresentatives.tv CompanyRepresentatives.mobi DetailsONE.com DetailsONE.net DetailsONE.info DetailsONE.biz DetailsONE.us DetailsONE.tv
Continue reading: Discoveries – AVAILABLE – grab them while you can – Example of some of them – Concerns.tv Campaign50.com 2008online.com

Hi there… Here are some DROPS for you… this top batch made it to my triple review short list… I’ve exceeded my daily self imposed new registrations limit… so… you, can now have at it… FishingLuresPRO..com .net .org .info .biz .us .tv .mobi FishingLinePRO.com .net .org .info .biz .us .tv .mobi FishingPolePRO..com .net .org .info
Continue reading: Drops – VastONE.com TorontoWineBAR.com DivinitySTONE.com FishingLuresPRO.com and more…

Everything below – was showing as AVAILABLE five minutes ago… prior to my post… Tuesday 9-23-09 midnight Est. KidsWebUSA.com KidsZOODLE.com KombatWORLD.com LaunchLocations.com CrownPlazaGROUP.com CruiseClubPlanner.com CruiseFriendsCLUB.com CruisePartyCLUB.com SportyCAT.com SportsTeamsPLUS.com SpotAndStainRemoval.com TempeBEST.com TempeHappenings.com PreacherCORNER.org WealthPlan.org SeasameWORLD.com HealthyKidsHealthyFUTURE.org HeavensHANDYMAN.org OuterBanksExpeditions.org SelfImprovementGUIDE.org SeasideSalonAndSPA.com ————————————- augmenation.net augmention.net augumentations.net bymysideadvocate.com carinsuranceplan.org carlislecitymusic.com carloancorp.com carlopperman.com carmenology.com carnavalpartytours.com carnivalball.org carnivalofhealthcare.org chainoflakestexas.com chairmanbridge.com chakraworldfeedback.com
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Saturday – 9-20-08 8pm EST Hi there… I’m on a temp. dial up connection today… My Internet connection has been down a week… Power was out for awhile and over 109,000 local homes still have no power 6 days after the Eye of Hurricane IKE came through Dayton, Ohio USA with 60+ mile an hour
Continue reading: Drops – CruisersSOCIETY.com SportyCAT.com TempeBEST.com HealthCENTER101.com …and more…

I shared this list via my Free Newsletter 6 hours ago… At that time the ones below indicated as available — were… Move fast if you see something you like… Have a great Sunday… I registered these top two: OccupationalPhysicalTherapy.com Depositories.org Someone else got these before I could post them for you: PopLOVERS.com GreenHEALTHY.net ExpressionNOW.com
Continue reading: Drops – Playtimez.com FetishFOLLIES.com ExtremeRockRadio.com and more…

I just reran this list to double check availability Saturday 9-13-08 620pm EST all showing as available… grab the ones you want… AlohaTravels.net BargainBasementBoutique.com BoxingMoments.com BlogWurenews.com AffiliateDOLLARS.net ALifeInspired.net AlpineForest.info AutoCONSUMER.info Babies-and-Tots.com BabyBoomerTimeshares.com BahamaSUNTAN.com BannerClickMania.com BareFeetWeddings.com BareNudeMEN.com BargainVacationsGUIDE.com BarSportsPRO.com BeachCENTER.info BeehiveCorner.com BeerForDollar.com Beiderman.com BendOverBUDDY.com BestGayCities.com BestVintageWines.com BloggerEssentials.com BlogBlather.com BlogBusinessNetwork.com BlogCast411.com BloggerLogic.com Blummen.com BlueMarlinGameFishing.com BlueSkiesAndSunshine.com BoardGameJunkies.com BoardWalkCenter.com
Continue reading: Drops… Bobberies.com BlogCast.com BandPromoNOW.com AffiliateDOLLARS.net and more…

These two lists Discoveries / Drops went out to my Newsletter Base Yesterday… (free subscription – details here – Discoveries — Available for Reg. Fee: 00009.tv 00175.net 00175.org 00175.info 00175.biz 00175.tv 00175.mobi 001755.com 001755.net 001755.org 001755.info 001755.biz 001755.us 001755.tv 001755.mobi 0264.org 0264.biz 0264.us 0264.tv 10000.us 1015.tv 102k.net 102k.org 102k.info 102k.biz 102k.us 102k.tv 102k.mobi 103k.net 103k.org
Continue reading: Discoveries — some available zip codes… and some Drops such as Onnies.com and Locomotions.net

I have decided to first share things to my newsletter base. They will get at least a 3 hour jump on the items I share… sometimes maybe even a day… before I post them here… The Newsletter will be for a multitude of things… For Drops, Discoveries of Words, Brandables and interesting finds that you
Continue reading: Newsletter Launch…

These are DISCOVERIES… NOT Drops – for this particular post… lost of words, generics etc… available at the time of research… for you to go to your favorite Registrar and register — for register fee… My favorite Register is: GoDaddy.com 12-18.org 12-18.info 12-18.biz 12-18.us 12-18.tv 12-18.mobi 30th.biz 31st.biz 31st.us 31st.tv 386th.com 386th.net 386th.org 386th.info 386th.biz
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here’s 113 drops… – – – just added another 346 for 469 FILTERED drops… have fun showing as available at time of posting… I’ll add more in about an hour… (at least that is my plan) 5thpathway.org advancedhomepro.net advancedhomepros.net advancedhomeremodeling.net affiliateinvestments.net airforcesurplus.net alzheimersdementia.info alzheimerssymptom.info amazingexpress.net americanfarm.info americannurseryexchange.info americantransportation.info americantrucker.info americanurbansupply.info americanvideo.info americanwife.info artinstituteoflasvegas.org artistsagainstclimatechange.org artvertisement.org
Continue reading: Drops – DimensionVIDEO.com CremationSHOP.com CreditRepairStation.com and more…

These are Discoveries… Not Drops… They are showing as AVAILBLE to Register at the time of this posting 1012.us 1218.us 1956.tv 2383.us 2383.tv 2626.tv 30-day.org 30-day.info 30-day.biz 30-day.us 30-day.tv 30-day.mobi 360-degree.org 360-degree.info 360-degree.tv 360-degree.mobi 360Business.net 360Business.org 360Business.info 360Business.biz 360Business.us 360Business.tv 360Business.mobi 40th.biz 90th.biz a-gps.us a-gps.tv accessability.tv accessability.mobi AccessoryGEEKS.net AccessoryGEEKS.org AccessoryGEEKS.info AccessoryGEEKS.biz AccessoryGEEKS.us AccessoryGEEKS.tv Acclaimed.tv Accompany.tv
Continue reading: Discoveries – AVAILABLE – grab your faves for reg. fee – StoreOWNERS.org Six-Fold.com HeadquartersONE.com and more…

you’ll have to be super QUICK on some of these DROPS…. lots of GEO’s in the list… whatever you see you want – go register it wherever you want… they were all showing as AVAILABLE less than 5 minutes ago (at time of posting) baymeadowsrealty.com bayportemployment.com bayportenvironmental.com bayportequipment.com bayportmanagement.com bayportsurplus.com bayportsystems.com bayporttemporaries.com bayporttemps.com bayporttours.com bayridgemontana.com
Continue reading: Drops… some great Geo’s – Act QUICK – – – BeverlyHillsCountryClubs.com InsideAuckland.com SummerCamps.com and more….

here’s some fresh, filtered, drops for you… see anything you like ?? go to your fave registrar and have at it… americahometeam.net art-lover.org art-of-networking.info articleworldweb.info artificial-stone.info artisanhomeimprovements.org asbestos-poisoning-directoryandlinks.info asiabestattractions.info asiahotellinks.info asianlink.info asianlovesearch.info associationofbetterbusinesses.info associationofneighborhoodchamberofcommerces.info astrology-guide.info buyersfirstchoicerealty.org curlsleekstyle.net cybertekpro.net dailycompetition.net diabeteshealthsupplements.info diabetic-menu.info diamond-wedding-band.info diamondgreen.info dicounteyeglasses.info digitalmediashop.info digitalpad.info digitalrecords.info gameplaying.org gamescores.org guild-awakened.net guildtimes.net horseandpetfeed.org hospitalmedicineassociation.org hotmisskinky.info houston-city-guide.info
Continue reading: Drops… Art-Lover.org GuildTimes.net AppraisalFORUMS.com and many more…

Here’s a treat for you from my research… These are NOT Drops… They were text avail searches I did — returned the ones below as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… I have a ton more to post soon… 15th.biz 15th.mobi 24f.biz 24f.us 24f.mobi 250-word.com 250-word.net 250-word.org 250-word.info 250-word.biz 250-word.us 250-word.tv 250-word.mobi 500-word.com 500-word.net 500-word.org
Continue reading: Available Discoveries… Grab your favorites quick… Such as Summerized.tv and SwissMiss.tv and some .com’s also…

here you go… an end of JULY Special… these were all showing as available when I last checked them… I hope you find something you like… then run register it at your favorite Registrar… My two current Favorites are GoDaddy.com and Moniker.com Good Luck… cellarspecialties.com cellphonesweekly.com cellservicetoday.com cellsurgeon.com celluaronewireless.com cellularcentury.com cellularforever.com celticpmetals.com cementsavers.com chickmatch.com chicovalleyrealty.com
Continue reading: Drops – Available to Register Right Now – Such as: ChickMatch.com … TeenCLOWN.com … UnKoolKIDS.com and more…

You will love this… The largest Firework Display – Guinness World Records Happy 4th of July to Everyone… – – – – click on the symbol in the middle of the image below – – – – with Pride and Love for America ~DomainBELL (Patricia)

Available drops…. (available last time I checked prior to posting) Here’s more than 1,000 drops for you… Have Fun…. ogumo.com olaye.com ozopo.com pecay.com yeyoh.com zagex.com 4020.info dagu.org kimu.org loze.org 018x.com 1–800-dentist.com 100dollarideas.com 100newsongs.com 101bridalshower.com 1968olds.com 1stlandmarkbank.com 1stroadsideservice.com 247concertseats.com 247vipseating.com 247vipseats.com 247viptickets.com 2nd-strings.com 2ndfriday.com 2old4thisshit.com 360showings.com 365homeloans.com 3coders.com 3d-text-maker.com 47concertseating.com 4professionalresults.com 4saleworldproperties.com 5150cam.com 5d-inc.com 5d-virtualtour.com 5d-virtualtours.com
Continue reading: Drops… Over 1000 for you to look through… Such as 4020.info and CashApproved.info or iHostONE.com and more…

All showing as AVAILABLE – last time I checked… Batch 69 1-800-pledges.org 100charities.org 1800pledges.org 1stdollar.org aarphealthcareoptions.info aarpmen.info aarptaxservices.info aarpwomen.info aatalents.info about-teens.org actioninitiative.org actioninitiatives.org activeamputees.org americaneaglewheels.net americanwarveterans.us americanwatchdog.net arizonawebdevelopment.info aromatherapycenter.info asiandelights.info asianstreetmeet.net asin-corner.net assetmanagement101.info assetmanagementcenter.info aztec-communications.info bailbondscenter.info bethelgroup.biz beyondtherock.biz biglakerentals.com bigskythundernationals.com bikeathleticwear.com bikejunkyards.com biketirediscount.com bikinidictionary.com bilbledictionary.com bodysparklejewelry.com boemers.com bogartmusic.com bogartplace.com bogartsoker.com boggieswatersports.com boghman.com bogwoodenergy.com boipro.com bollywoodconnections.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: ConservationAssociation.com and iExperienced.info and PayDayZone.net more….

All showing as AVAILABLE – last time I checked… Batch 68 absolutecatering.biz achievingsuccessdaily.com achocolatefountainaffair.com achristmasadventure.com adamsdormroom.com adamslandscapers.com adamstownpennsylvania.com adaptablerealty.com adayathefair.com adayforchampions.com adayinthelifebook.com adaywithdallas.com adelite.biz adoptionmadereallyeasy.com adorationprayer.com adornmentland.com adrenlinetattoo.com adrianacookies.com adriaticastonebridge.com adrichesgoldmine.com adsenseforrealestate.com adsensemadereallyeasy.com adultpersonalsbayarea.com adultservicesusa.com adultwebcamerachat.com advancebackcenter.com advancedautocollisioncenter.com advancedbiostructuralcorrection.com advancedbroadbandcommunications.com advancedcontrolsystem.com advanceddigitalduplication.com advancedengineeringdevelopment.com advancedigitalmedia.com advancedmedicalstopsmokingcenters.com advancedmetalcorp.com advancedmortgageplanners.com advancedwaterjettechnologies.com advantagegolfalabama.com advantagelandandtimber.com advantagetimes.com adventuregolfaruba.com advicestream.com advicetoteachers.com affiliateenterprises.biz
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: BayCityCycles.com and CronicClub.com and more….

these drops are showing as available at the time of posting…. 144 drops below – hand screened… see if there’s something you want… have fun… ~DomainBELL (Patricia) Batch 67 adoptionpetguide.info adoptionpetguides.info adoptionpetnews.info adoptionpetplace.info adultbabyguide.info adultbabyguides.info adultfinderreviewed.info archworld.org armenias.info armymedicalcenters.info balharbourcondoconversion.info balharbourcondohotel.info batemansbaymotels.info citypubliclibrary.org citystartup.org classroomdancing.org clearwaterservices.org collectorsquest.org coralle.net cuttingedgesport.net cybergamescentral.net darklotus.org divorceprepkit.com dixiesouthfleamarket.com dixonsrealestate.com dreamstationusa.info
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: CityStartUp.org and FieldAds.com and more….

these drops are showing as available at the time of posting…. see if there’s something you want… have fun… ~DomainBELL (Patricia) . . Batch 66 abouttattoodesign.info adcorps.org adkinsdietguide.info adkinsdietguides.info adkinsdietnews.info adkinsdietsource.info adkinsdiettips.info adoptionpetreviews.info adultbabytips.info adventisttoday.org africansun.biz agreatdaytotravel.info airportsunited.org alohahaven.org anaheimchurchofchrist.org artdocumentary.org atlantacenterforepreneurship.org austintechnologiesgroup.org biometricequipment.info bombaystockmarket.info bookitforward.com boomersretirement.com bostoncatholicchurches.info bostondentalgroup.info bostonrealestateproperties.info bridaldiscount.info butlervalley.com buttercreamrecipes.com cafecorner.info cafegourmet.info
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: AdCORPS.org and CitySchool.info – DVDdaddy.org and more….

these drops are showing as available at the time of posting…. see if there’s something you want… have fun… ~DomainBELL (Patricia) . . Batch 65 abstractdimensionals.com abstractexpo.com abstractexpressionart.com abundantreirement.com adulteroticentertainment.com advancedgamingsystems.com advancedsystemconcepts.com advancemechanicalsystems.com alittlesweetie.org allaboutjews.info allnightexpiditer.com alphaconsults.info amateurcbt.info amateurdomme.info amateurgeoligist.com amateurmadevids.com amateurmaturevideos.com amateurmistress.info amateurspanking.info americangoldwingassociation.com americanlawguide.info aplustravel.info arborconsultinggroup.com archwaycommunications.com archwayinvestments.com arizonaenergydrinks.com astrologistzone.com beautytradeshowlasvegas.com beefswhatfordinner.com beesugar.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: Vistalot.org and RudeBoxers.com and more….

ElitePropertiesManagement.com RushfieldHockey.com RuskinTomatoesFestival.com ShellITEMS.com DisarmamentStudies.org DisciplesMATCH.org DiscountBridalwear.org DiscountElectricGuitars.org DiscoveryCoveOrlando.org dnsCATALOG.org HumanImmuneSystem.org HumanityAsONE.org HumanityUnlimited.org HumanRightsForVietnam.org RoundRockYouthBaseball.org RowdyRetirieverRanch.org RoyalPhilharmonicOrchestra.org UniversityOfNevadaLasVegas.org Uplanet.org DiabetesMemorial.org DiamondCORE.org DiningTablePlans.org HorseRidingClothes.org HouseOfTheRock.org HouseValueRequest.org HousingOmbudsmanService.org ManagementMinistries.info ManageYourHerpes.info ManageYourOutbreaks.info Mandla.info MartialArtsOutlet.info MarylandGolfersParadise.info MontanaGolfersParadise.info TireSettlement.info CannonCLUB.net DelawareGolfersParadise.info MaineGolfersParadise.info MississippiGolfersParadise.info MissouriGolfersParadise.info TexasBankruptcyLawyer.info TexasGolfersParadise.info TheNationalGreenPages.info TheSecondHomeCenter.info DivorceLawCentral.com DurangoCondoOwners.com EliteAthleticCenter.com FinanceAdvocatesAustralia.com FinanceDevelopmentGroup.com FinancesInternational.com EmeraldCityManagement.com EmeraldCoastPromotions.com ExpandYourMindShare.com ExperiencedHomeContractors.com ExperienceTheOrchard.com FireflyRecordsINC.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: BlackAmazonWomen.com and CitySkip.org and more….

Batch 63 these were showing as available – drops… last time I checked…. enjoy…. spycoin.us spycoins.us answeraday.info apartmentforrentstatenisland.info houstonpaydayloan.info houstonpaydayloans.info nashvillepaydayloan.info nashvillepaydayloans.info nebraskapaydayloan.info nebraskapaydayloans.info shapetemplate.info shellsteak.info shopmilanddirect.info beachnudemovies.com kansascitypaydayloan.info kansascitypaydayloans.info kansaspaydayloans.info theoryoftime.us betweenthewoods.com boracoyisland.com davdbridals.com (typo) louisianadepartmenthealthandhospitals.com louisvillehelpwanted.com michealscraftsupplies.com (typo) noiseintheroom.com nolandcakes.com parkerbaptistchurch.com hyattkeywest.org hybridfiber.org midlandinsurancegroup.org midlandmedicalgroup.org midwestcarwashinsurance.org radiobartlesville.org todietpills.org affiliatelandminecoach.com affiliatelandminepro.com baltocityschool.com bambroose.com banatvalley.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: ADroos.com and iEBAY.info and TimeTale.org more….

Batch 62 here’s more than 1500 drops – hand filtered and showing as AVAILABLE last time I checked… have fun… 1800proconcrete.info 1armmortgage.info 1centhosting.info 1st-in-acrylic.info 4ring.info 4spot.info 4spots.info 4wide.info 4zone.info a1classifieds.info abadbeat.com abc-baseball.info abc-elvis.info abc-hockey.info abc-wrestling.info abeaniebabyz.com abellsouth.com abeyroad.com abilenesinglewomen.com ablogworld.org about-aluminum-boats.info about-atv-accessories.info aboutdirectbuy.info aboutfacecorps.com abouthairremoval.info aboutrealworld.com aboutscorpio.com abovethevig.com academictogo.info acapulcoeducation.info acarconvertible.info accesselegance.info accessmanagersoftware.ino accessoriezone.com accidentslawyers.info
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: GoCatty.com and NinePlanets.info and more….

met a new friend today… he had some interesting comments on the Today Show recently… Introducing: Tom Kloza Insightful. Enthusiastic. Cutting Edge. Tom has been writing about downstream oil markets since 1975 and was among the founders of OPIS over 25 years ago. A magna cum laude graduate of St. Francis University, Tom has a
Continue reading: Tom Kloza – Oil Analyst – Interesting Comments… Projections… and Suggestions…

Batch 61 here’s more than 1700 drops – hand filtered and showing as AVAILABLE at the time of this posting… have fun… aaronagassi.com abbeytemps.com aboutmyfood.com abscondo.info acebattlefield.org achatpro.biz actionmentalhealth.org acupunctureallstars.com acurateinformationsystems.com adelphirealestate.biz adhesiausa.com adhitman.com adirondackhumanesociety.com adkinsdiscountdrugs.com adkinswatertanks.com adogslifecharlotte.com adultroom.org advancecleaningsystem.com advancedlawncareco.com advancedlogcabins.com advancedpainmanagementspecialists.com advancedroofsys.com advancedtreesandgrounds.com adventisthealthinternational.com adventuresystemsdesigns.com advertslottery.com affiliatepropacksblog.com affordablelaserhairremovaldirectory.com affordablelistingspaloalto.com affordablelistingstexas.com affordablelistingswillowglen.com affordableringcentral.com affordablestartownfence.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: BarfBay.com and ITcorps.org and more….

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