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Batch 53 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… 1960kensington.com 1978chevytrucks.com 1990jeepwrangler.com 1991cadillac.com 485k.com 4w78.com affordabledentaldiscountplan.com affordabledentalmakeover.com affordablediscountdentalplan.com affordablilitydays.com americanhomeaudio.com americanscoreboard.com anime-hero.com anorexicoftheyear.com arcive-zone.com arrowwtruck.com art-collectible.com artartinze.com article-expectations.com artsworldofcharacters.com asian-handicrafts.com ask-dee.com atlanta-deals.com atlanticnethouse.com audiobookfair.com audioloveletters.com audiovisionpro.com auspicous.com austintimesavers.com authetichappiness.com autofabulator.com autograhics.com autoplazaplus.com babyshowerssimplified.com babyspecialtystores.com bargaincarsandtrucks.com batter-bakes.com batterbake.com battery-recall.com batteryspecialities.com
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Batch 52 here’s over 1200 domains for you to look through… all were showing as available at the time of posting… these are NOT Drops… these are Discoveries I made – and wanted to share them with you… 247FORUM.org 247FORUM.info 247FORUM.biz 247FORUM.us 247FORUM.tv accountlogic.info accountlogic.biz accountlogic.us accountlogic.tv accountlogic.mobi ace-casino.org ace-casino.info ace-casino.biz ace-casino.us ace-casino.tv ace-casino.mobi admerge.biz
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Batch 51 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… abbiegardener.com abcbabyclothing.com abcislandexpress.info abilenechristian.org abilenechurches.info abilenelasik.info abileneweddings.info aboutbabyannouncements.com aboutdebtss.org abouthybridcars.info aboutimeawards.com aboutoceania.info aboutpcgames.com aboutsunvalley.info aboutthebigisland.com abouttimemanagement.info abouttimeshare.info abouttraveldealsusa.com aboutweddingetiquette.info abovewaters.com absolutehealthandsafety.com absolutehealthsolutions.com absolutelydarlingchristmasplays.com academiamilagros.info academyparktownhomes.com acadianhardwood.com acaliforniabeach.com accenthumanresouces.com accentthailand.com accentweddingshop.com acceptjesuschristasyoursavior.org accessazrealty.com accessdiabeticsupply.info accessgoldcoast.com accesspass.info accessqueensland.com accessroofingplastics.com accidentalpioneer.com accidentalpioneers.com accidentalresident.com
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Batch 50 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… abilenegolf.info aboutdaystar.info aboutvalleyhomes.info achurch.info acttoday.info affiliateplanet.info affordablehealthinsuranceguide.com affordablehomeswatsonville.com affordablementalhealthclinic.org africandiamond.info agencycollectiondebt.info agrifoodchain.info airplanesinfinity.com albuquerquegolfcourse.info alexandriagolf.info alexmartinovicrealtor.com allandia.org allentowngolf.info alltonesusa.info alternativeastrology.info amarillogolf.info ambersilverjewelry.info animationkits.com anytimewagers.com babyfilly.com baileytown.com bemybabymomma.com bridalcreekapartments.com bridgecorps.com bridgetoeast.org bridgetotheeast.org brightrealestate.biz brillwest.com broadcasttext.org brooksmanagementandconstruction.org bullmarketdomains.org busybeesdaycare.org buyabookforbrooklyn.org buyaspenrealestate.org buybyebay.org
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Batch 49 Discoveries – I wanted to share with you… at the time of this posting all the domains below – were showing as AVAILABLE to register… I recommend registering with GoDaddy.com 1094.us 1094.tv 2859.us 2859.tv abnormalties.us abnormalties.tv characterizes.net characterizes.org characterizes.info congestive.info following.tv generally.tv gestational.org gestational.info gestational.us gestational.tv gradually.tv high-carbohydrate.com high-carbohydrate.net high-carbohydrate.org high-carbohydrate.info high-carbohydrate.us high-carbohydrate.tv
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Batch 48 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… Albanyartcenter.org Amazingvacationplace.info Amazingwebcammarketingguide.info Americanartworld.info Andsettlementfast.info Anniversarygiftman.info Anniversarygiftworld.info Anniversarypresentguide.info Arabianstallionssite.info Arcaneplanes.info Arfalpha.info Arizonarecoveryguide.info Armourthyroidmedication.info Armyoutdoorgear.info Asiangrocerydelivery.info Assetsalvationgroup.info Asthmaexpert.info Audiodownloadsguide.info Audiospeakersworld.info Audiovoxguide.info Ausbildungsportal.info Automatedcoastal.info Automatedcoastalsuccess.info Automotiveservicetool.info Avalanchecanopy.info Avaloninc.info Awesomefaceliftspace.info Awesomemedicineplace.info Awesomemobilephonesmarketingguide.info Azcitynewhomecenter.info Babyclothingsales.info Babymacclothing.info Babyrockclothes.info Backgroundimage.info Backgroundwallpaper.info Backlotrebels.info Backtodisco.info Backyardincentives.info Bagbackpackguide.info Barclubnight.info
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Special List of AVAILABLES for the DropGRABS.com LOYAL readers… these are the extensions showing as available today — of the domains that were in the Moniker – Geocities LIVE Auction – Today their list here: http://marketplacepro.moniker.com/auction/detail.html?auction_id=182 and these are SIMILAR – in other extensions… have fun… BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.net BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.org BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.info BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.biz BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.us BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.tv BeverlyHillsRentalProperty.mobi CentralMissouri.mobi LanaiHawaii.biz
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Batch 47 These are not Drops… they are discoveries I wanted to share with you – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… 10-15.biz 10-15.info 10-15.mobi 10-15.tv 10-15.us 160k.biz 160k.mobi 160k.org 160k.tv 160k.us 17th.tv 20-hour.biz 20-hour.com 20-hour.info 20-hour.mobi 20-hour.net 20-hour.tv 20-hour.us 200-k.biz 200-k.com 200-k.info 200-k.mobi 200-k.net 200-k.org 200-k.tv 200-k.us 20000.tv 200000.tv 200000.us 200k.mobi 200k.tv
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November 15, 2007 — ( WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) — Domain registrar EuroDNS, parent company of AsiaDNS says that trademark holders who have not yet registered domains for the new .asia identity are risking the possibility of cybersquatting.

After many years of successfully running a popular e-commerce site under the domain name www.organizes-it.com, storage and organization retailer Organize-It has acquired the rights to www.organizeit.com. Organize-it fully expects an increase in traffic as they begin to aggressively market and brand the company name, logo and new domain. (PRWeb Nov 15, 2007) Post Comment:Trackback URL: …

After many years of successfully running a popular e-commerce site under the domain name www.organizes-it.com, storage and organization retailer Organize-It has acquired the rights to www.organizeit.com. Organize-it fully expects an increase in traffic as they begin to aggressively market and brand the company name, logo and new domain.

As part of its plan of its continuous expansion across the GCC, Tameer Holding, the leading real estate firm in the region, opened a new sales gallery consisting of a showroom and a mezzanine floor within an area of 8000 sq ft, showcasing its portfolio of projects for its customers and investors.

California-based Domain Development Corp ( www.ddc.com ), a comprehensive monetization and full-scale domain development service, today announced that Sean P. Moriarty has been appointed the company’s new President. Moriarty comes to DDC from Yahoo!, where he was in charge of managing Yahoo’s off-network domain monetization business. (PRWeb Nov 13, 2007) Post Comment:Trackback URL: …

Batch 46 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… kidskeyboarding.biz kidsmatterinc.info kikiworld.org kingdomadvocates.org kingdomkidzcare.org kingmanpaintballguns.info kingsgamedirect.info kingsjewelry.info kingstonhospital.info kingstonpolicedepartment.info kissmeinternational.com kitchenssunrooms.info knockdownrecords.com knowgodtoday.org knowledgeminder.info knowledgemodel.org knowledgenet.info knowltonponyclub.org kodiakgroup.info kremlinwatch.org krystalpalace.org krystalplanet.org ladyindemand.com ladyondemand.com lakecochranehome.com lakeeriefacts.info lakeheadpublicschool.com lakelandfloridarealestatelife.info lakelandrealestateland.info lakelandsafetycouncil.org lakemichigancam.net lakemontpark.org lakemountaincabins.biz lakemountaincabins.info lakerts.com lakesummerset.biz laketahoechamberofcommercesouth.org laketeamrealtors.info lakeviewappartments.net lakeviewnewyork.info
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Batch 45 These are not drops… these are discoveries I recently found – and they were showing as AVAILABLE… have fun… 191-195.info 191-195.mobi 191-195.net 191-195.org 191-195.tv 191-195.us 2004-2005.biz 2004-2005.info 2004-2005.mobi 2004-2005.net 2004-2005.org 2004-2005.tv 2004-2005.us acceptance.tv accessed.biz accessed.mobi accessed.tv accessed.us achieved.tv actually.tv adapted.tv adaption.mobi adaption.tv adaptions.us adding.tv adequate.tv aficionados.mobi allowing.mobi allowing.tv although.tv amoungst.biz amongst.mobi amongst.tv andalusian.mobi
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Batch 44 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… aboutallergyandimmunology.info aboutemergencymedicine.info aboutfetalmedicine.info aboutgastroenterology.info aboutmusculoskeletaloncology.info aboutmusculoskeletalradiology.info aboutperinatalmedicine.info aboutreproductiveendocrinology.info aboutspinalcordinjury.info abouttransplantationsurgery.info abovegroundswimmingpools.info academicrealm.info acceleratebroadband.info accentoncountry.info accentoncountry.org accountingservicesgroup.biz acnehomeremedytreatment.info acnehometreatment.info acousticelectricguitar.info acousticguitartab.info actionjewelry.biz activedigitalsolutions.biz actlikeaman.org actualtime.us acutemyeloidleukemia.info adebtmanagement.info adecorating.info adultrealitypass.biz adultwebspace.info africahealth.info africancountryrecipes.info airhealthcare.info airplaneloan.info airplanesafe.us albanypets.info algebraforkids.info aligatortool.info allcarrental.info allexpert.info allhealthissues.info
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Batch 43 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… g-e-o-r-g-e-b-u-s-h.com g-u-c-c-i.com g6ot.com gainesvilleonthego.com gallowayohiohomes.com gamblinghottie.com gaming-tactics.com garagemusicband.com gardendesignslondon.com garyoko.com gasketsupply.com gatewayart.com gatewaymarietta.com gatherden.com gayspeedating.com gaytravelforless.com geckonomics.com geek-powered.com geeksloyalty.com geekstro.com geekyaustria.com gekocommunications.com generalcrimecoalition.com generational-curses.com gentlemanwoodscrafter.com geodimecommunications.com georgiaoutdoorsupply.com getalittleontheside.com ggt2.com giftwrapzone.com ginkohealth.com girlstalktoronto.com girlybingo.com giveorders.com glamourousshoes.com glamourtwo.com glanglers.com glaseco.com glasspaver.com globalbrandsusa.com
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Batch 42 these are NOT Drops… they are AVAILABLE for Reg. fee though… they are discoveries I happened upon during research related to something else… have fun… 040126.biz 040126.info 040126.mobi 040126.tv 040126.us 06-30-2007.biz 06-30-2007.info 06-30-2007.mobi 06-30-2007.net 06-30-2007.tv 06-30-2007.us 07-28-2007.biz 07-28-2007.com 07-28-2007.info 07-28-2007.mobi 07-28-2007.net 07-28-2007.org 07-28-2007.tv 07-28-2007.us 08-22-2007.biz 08-22-2007.com 08-22-2007.info 08-22-2007.mobi 08-22-2007.net 08-22-2007.tv 08-22-2007.us 09-07-2007.biz 09-07-2007.com
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Batch 41 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… abandonedbrides.org abridgement.info abridgment.info absolutelabradoodle.biz absolutelabradoodles.biz academiccenterforexcellence.org accessoriesandjewelry.info accompanyofkids.com accordingtoanalysis.info accreditedretirementplanners.org adifferentfuel.biz adifferentfuel.info adoptioncenterfordogs.com adultchatzone.org advantagemagazines.org advocatesfortheinnocent.org afrobeatcentral.org afterwardentertainment.com againstaidstour.info againstaidstour.org agathachrisitegame.com aggrandizement.info agreenapple.info aimchat.org aircompressorguide.info airmanassistance.info airmanconfess.info airmanconfession.info airmenassistance.info albanycountycorrections.info albanycountygovernment.info albanytimesunion.info albazone.info albuquerqueapartment.info alertly.info alleganyapartments.info alleganycountyassessments.info alleghenycountypropertyacessment.com allenclub.org allgovernmentgrants.org
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Batch 40 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… abetterocean.org adrianaucoin.com alliedhealthschools.info alliedrealtyfinance.com americashealthtalk.info appybirthday.com (typo) arlingtonplantationtownhomes.com asbestoslawyersusa.org ashfordkitchens.com autumnbrook.org babsdiscounthollywood.com backbaycondo.org backpackchristchurch.com bartonvillehardware.com battlemountainrealtor.com battlemountainrealtors.com baxcoin.com bayareafog.com bayareamodernmoms.org bayareaventure.com bayousodacreek.org baysideautosale.com beingunderwater.org bestweddinghotels.org biblegateyway.com bibleplaces.org billiondollarresortowner.org blackpoolpride.org booksaboutebay.org breastcancerdetails.com bretramwoods.com bridgeroad.org bridgevillerollerarena.com broadcastdepth.org buckeyeremax.com buttonwoodbend.com caferealty.org cajoncooking.com (typo)
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Batch 39 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… 0-41.com 01877.com 07319.com 1-49m.com 11ic.com 15890.com 17457.com 181u.com 1947fordpickup.com 1960sjewelry.com 1970plymouth.com 19738.com 1blf.com 1m1n.com 2-i-7.com 27066.com 28829.com 29778.com 29969.com 2j2x.com 2nny.com 2nwb.com 2wai.com 30df.com 32262.com 34522.com 34848.com 35yo.com 36878.com 37cv.com 38533.com 3d64.com 3gxm.com 3wpa.com 456a.com 4wgc.com 4wsj.com 513j.com 51983.com 54329.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: 6-by-6.com and bransonn.com and more….

Batch 38 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… 10m2.com 1987hornets.com 1stclassmeals.com 2-hk.com 39hf.com 3c5u.com 3v0x.com 3ysm.com 4sed.com 500cutebabies.com 54cg.com 5ajj.com 6-60.com 67xz.com 6gsm.com 72ee.com 72ww.com 7don.com 7jqn.com 7rxy.com 7zny.com 80me.com 8roc.com 91dq.com 9sf8.com a8a6.com aaausmetalroof.com aaawaterpurificatiom.com aacbythebay.com aandbwoodcreations.com aaorland.com aaronandkelsiepetersen.com aatlanticsouthwest.com aausouthbasketball.com abarkoohcity.com abayamuk.com abayfishing.com abbayedefondrose.com abbayefondrose.com abbyvalley.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: AboutPetWorld.com and CommittedTeamwork.com and more….

Batch 37 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… Accenting.info InfoDEBIT.info InsiderINVESTING.info UticaAmusementPARK.info VermontCLIMATE.info VermontGardenCart.info VeteransFORUMS.info VideoDocumentaryInterviews.info VirginiaCLIMATE.info VirginiaPLAN.info VisualDocumentaryInterviews.info AlertSOFTWARE.biz HealthyToTheCORE.biz HumaneLABELS.biz immaterial.biz SandboxGROUP.biz SaveINK.biz GuaveBERRY.net MilitaryNationalSecurity.net GuitarTownAUSTIN.com TheUpperPLAYGROUND.com AttritionGUILD.org EnergyDESCENT.org JustingWORLD.org ParaGUIDE.org ChaseHomeMORTGAGE.info CheapCheckEXPRESS.info ClassicENTERPRISES.info ClosingCOMPLIMENTS.info MatMANIA.info MeatGrinderEXPRESS.info MemoKNOXVILLE.info Menoscores.info WisconsinsPLAYGROUND.info WorldFindINFO.info WorldsRichestAtheletes.info WorldsRichestCelebrity.info WorldsRichestCelebrityCouple.info WorldsRichesstRockstar.info CenterForLifeChoices.com
Continue reading: Dropped Domains – Available – such as: SubVertisement.org and BoJAZZ.org and more….

Batch 36 These aren’t Drops… These are AVAILABLE – WORD and other Simple – Domain Names… I happened upon these and wanted to share with you… 07062006.biz 07062006.com 07062006.info 07062006.mobi 07062006.net 07062006.org 07062006.tv 07062006.us 1-866-426-2656.biz 1-866-426-2656.com 1-866-426-2656.mobi 1-866-426-2656.net 1-866-426-2656.org 1-866-426-2656.tv 1-866-426-2656.us 100s.biz 100s.tv 100s.us 11k.mobi 124k.biz 124k.info 124k.mobi 124k.net 124k.org 124k.tv 124k.us 12k.biz 13k.mobi 16k.biz
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Batch 35 These are DROPPED Domains – Showing as AVAILABLE at the time of posting… foxcreeklivng.com foxybeachwear.com fractiona.com awn100.com raceweekendinsider.com radiologymarketplace.com raggedaroundtheedges.com rainbowreader.com rainbowsizzler.com ranterjerk.com ratedprices.com ratemygarbage.com readersdiigest.com(typo) realestatebrokersunited.com realestateinvestmentgurus.com realitycheckproductions.com reallyinshape.com realpetreviews.com realtorstrategy.com realtysweepstakes.com rebelvintage.com receptionbox.com redneckallstars.com redrockinnsedona.com reelmementos.com rendezvoushickory.com rentacrossamerica.com representstyles.com resource-station.com resultsknowledge.com retail-survey.com retirement-profile.com retirementscholarship.com retirementscholarships.com retroalivelook.com rhinoplastyinformationguide.com rocknrollbabyclothes.com romancefaq.com roohey.com roohie.com
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